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JAIME LLORCA S.A. was initiated by the father of the actual president, born in Villajoyosa, Alicante, Spain with a long fisheries business tradition and well started his business in Canarias, Spain in 1927: Furthermore he brought his proper fishing vessels which were operated in Asturias Coast, all his experience with stern trawlers and some other esteemed fishing vessel owners. Due to his contribution and insistence development made by Mr. Jaime LLorca Iborra, an excellence work medal was awarded in 1952.

Mr. Jaime Llorca Iglesias, the son of the founder of the company, the actual president, solidified the said company, replaced the extractive actives and starting with success the actual activities such as, import, export, processing and distribution of  frozen provision and dried products.

With the inorporation of Mrs Cristina Llorca Sanchez  Sanchez, the daughter of the actual president, will carry out surely the same direction of this family business tradition, develop continuosly with one group of professional work -team and make the company each day more competitive, more qualified service as per whatever requirements made by the clients
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